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Custom Screen Printing Services

Custom 101 Prints is a premier provider and wholesale screen printing supplier of high quality custom screen printing and digital printing services. Call Custom 101 Prints at: 718.708.4425 to get quality custom screen printed apparel, sweat shirt for race wear, promotional shirts, business logos, fundraisers, booster clubs, youth camps, sports teams, show choirs, reunions, t-shirts and all types of promotional products at discount prices.

Custom 101 prints offers state-of-art custom screen printing services. We have years of experience in the industry and our team of expert designers is capable of bringing even the most complex ideas to life. Our designers truly understand what it takes to print on garments and other apparels and can keep the exact image looking crisp through the run. With Custom 101 prints Screen Printing Services, you won’t ever be disappointed.

What is Screen Printing?

Screen Printing is a popular process which is usually done by using a fine mesh screen onto a substrate. You can find three components in this printing process: Art, Screens, and the Print.For a Screen Printing Company or press, each of the components is equally important, since if one component is not up to the mark, the whole process will be shuttered.

Screen Printing is an art form that requires vast skill and knowledge in the subject. In this process, the ink is printed through the screen smoothly, that can only be learned from years of hand on experience. With our unique Screen Printing NY technology, we ensure the best quality by using world class screens as well as the unmatched printing equipment in the industry. We will print your graphics straight and soft by using a silky smooth screen printing process every time. If you are not satisfied, we will send you the design edits until it’s the right.

Screen Printing Process:

Large Format Screen Printing process actually starts with the art room. The clients send us an idea and we make it a reality. We first design and send an initial mock up to the client for approval. Once the client has approved the art on the virtual mock up, we break down the design into separate colors. This is a fairly difficult and complex process and can only be performed by a professional Screen Printing New York company. And this is where we can offer our years of experience to the clientele.

Once the design is separated, it is then etched to a screen using a design exposure unit. The quality of the printing screen should of high quality, so that the outcome of the print is the best. If you use a loose screen, the clarity and saturation will be sacrificed. Here in Custom 101 prints, we have the finest screens available to get the job done right so that it shows the actual detail of the given image.

The process of preparing the screen is vital for screen printing. Once we complete with making the screen, it’s the time to proceed with the print. We owe it to our customers since we use the very best technology that the industry has to offer. All our printing jobs are done through an automated process unlike many of our Screen Printing Press competitors who still uses manual process. Since everything is automated using the best technology, we offer a very consistent, crisp, sharp, and vibrant design each time an order is produced.

The ink used in the screen printing is vital and not all inks are created equal. At Custom 101 prints we have mastered the art of screen printing and formulated the perfect screen printing ink that our customer deserves.custom screen printing services

Design Requirements:

We have an excellent team of developers who are capable of bringing design idea to life. You just need to give your idea and we will help you visualize the same on to the design apparel. We can even share with you some unmatched design ideas and implement the same design once you approve of it. However, if you already have your own design concept, you can share it with us because this will speed up the large format screen printing process.

Discharge Custom Screen Printing:

Discharge printing is the process where we print a chemical that removes the dye from the garment, returning it to its original cotton color. This process can be used on its own to achieve a nice and natural imprint. Discharge printing is commonly used in printing water-based inks on dark garments. When combined with water-based inks, you can achieve a soft hand with a multi-color print on most dark garments. Advantages: Allows for a very fashionable, soft hand on dark garments. When combined with water based inks, multi-color, vibrant prints are possible. Disadvantages: Not all garments are dischargeable. Not all garments will discharge the same, even within the same run/box of garments. The end result won’t be seen until the garment is fully printed and run through the dryer. The difficulty results in slower printing and higher rejects compared to standard Plastisol printing.

Foil Screen Printing:

Foil stamping is a special effect that gives a brilliant metallic finish.It can be applied to almost any garment substrate that can withstand the heat and curing process of a typical screen-printing. The main limitation is that the foil will adhere to Plastisol ink, so single color or water-based imprints are recommended. Colors available are generally: Gold, Silver, Copper, Pink, Red, Purple, Royal, and a variety of psychedelic swirls.

4 color process

A printing technique where the artwork is created using dots (CMYK) which combine to create a full spectrum of colors needed for photographic prints. This means a large number of colors can be printed using only 4 screens, making the set-up costs viable. The inks are required to blend and are more translucent. It can compromise the vibrancy of colors. It is difficult to achieve exact PMS colors with 4cp printing, but it is possible to add additional spot colors if needed. 4 color process is best when used on white and light colored shirts.


Plastisol is the most common ink used in screen-printing. They are particularly useful for printing opaque graphics on dark fabrics. Advantages: Advantages: Plastisol is recommended for printing on colored fabrics.On lighter and dark fabric, Plastisol is extremely opaque and will result in a bright, vibrant color. Plastisol is the easiest ink to match exact PMS colors. The ink is made up of PVC particles suspended in a plasticizing emulsion. Because of this, the ink will not dry in the screen, allowing a long consistent print run with lower reject rates. Disadvantages: Plastisol inks result in a thicker hand and heavier imprint.Because of this, Plastisol ink is not recommended for specialty applications such as printing over seams, collars and full bleed-offs.

Simulated Process

Simulated Process colored images have a photo-realistic look but are not printed with the process colors of CMYK. They are similar to process in desired effect only. The color separations for simulated process are made up of halftone images of spot colors like red, yellow, blue, etc. They are often called “tonal” or “channel” separations. Simulated process separations can be printed on light and dark shirts.

Because the inks for simulated process color are generally all-purpose, they give you a bright print even when printed on an under-base of white ink. When done correctly, simulated process prints can be very photo-realistic with smooth gradations and bright colors.


Water-based inks are a more fashion and environmentally friendly ink. The thin viscosity of water-based inks makes them ideal for specialty applications. Unlike Plastisol where the pigment is suspended in PVC, water-based ink uses H2O to transport the pigment to the garment. The result is a very soft hand that leaves a small environmental footprint. Advantages: Soft hand with very bright colors on light colored garments. Few chemicals are involved in printing with water-based ink and they contain no PVC or phalates. Disadvantages: The inks are not as opaque as Plastisol, making it difficult to print bright colors on dark garments without other special techniques. Reject rates are typically higher.

Oversized Screen Printing

Our oversized printing makes use of our standard screen-printing equipment and price list however it allows a larger imprint area than the standard imprint size.

All Over Screen Printing

All over printing is a great example of a technique that is in high demand among apparel buyers today. This style of printing uses custom manufactured wing pallets that allows us to go over seams, collars, sleeves and full bleeds. We have taken steps to customize our machines to handle prints up to 25″ wide (shoulder) x 21″ wide (body) x 31″ (tall). This allows us to handle most XXL men’s t-shirts. Proprietary processes have also been developed by our dedicated research and development team to optimize inline foiling (max width 17.5″).

Apparel Finishings

Printed tags, sewn tags, hang tags, folding & bagging & more!

Want to brand your shirts to make them look unique? Why not try replacing manufacturer’s tags with your own custom printed tags? Or brand your products with your own custom hem tags sewn into the shirts. We can also fold and bag your garments for a great, professional touch. Find out more about apparel finishing.

We accept all types of image files in any formats. Call Custom 101 prints at: 718.708.4425  to get quality Custom Screen Printing services within the minimum turnaround time possible.We accept rush orders as well.

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Custom 101 prints is a quality custom clothing and digital printing company specializing in custom t-shirt printing.

Custom Screen Printing

Get quality custom screen printing & digital printing services for t-shirts, bags, aprons, towels & jackets.

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Specializing in custom embroidery designs for caps/hats, jacket, towels, bags, baby items & polo shirt.

Cad Cut Vinyl Printing

Perfect for printing sports names & numbers, low quantity garment runs, birthday gift & stag/hen tshirts.

Direct to Garment Printing

Quality direct to garment (DTG) printing of t-shirts, polo shirts, sweatshirts hoodies, logo & photos.

Custom Printing Services

We offer offset/digital printing for photo, letterheads, envelopes, postcard & business cards.

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We provide quality wide/large format digital printing services at wholesale price, located in New York, NY.

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Get unique and bug free web design & development services for small & large businesses.

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Online clothing design tool or custom t-shirt design studio to create your own design.

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