With most of the businesses done digitally, people might think a business card doesn’t matter anymore. But in reality, it does matter a lot. Business cards are the road map for grabbing the opportunity. For example, if you are at a party and meet a business person, you might want to share your business information with him. Here, a business person does not record your info on their mobile phone. Rather, he can keep your information in the form of cards. Business cards can save time and at the same time make easier to expand the network. It gives them something physical to refer to later whenever they feel required. A business card is not only the first impression but it also provides tangible information to others.
Despite all the technological advancement, business cards are still irreplaceable. Most of the company owners or employers still handover business cards while handshaking or meeting up. Some of the main reasons why business cards still matters are listed below:

  • Makes a quick first impression

    A well designed and attractive business card can grab the attention and build a favorable impression of the business. An attractive company logo, company details and brand colors can give a professional look and can make a great impression on the customers or business persons.

  • Ease of giving contact details

    One of the main reasons for the use of business cards is the ease of giving contact details. A Business card consists of the information like company details, contacts which make a business person easier to share the information about a company.

  • Makes a business referable

    Including your company name and contact details only in a business card is not enough, you must also include your skills or business posses which helps to make referrals. People who have your business cards can refer you to a company seeking for those set of skills. But first, make sure that your card design is good enough to create referrals.

  • Reflects your company value

    A business card consists of information about your marketing plan, your company’s strategy and all the details relating to your company which reflects your company’s value. Because of this, design a business card, to convey the spirit of your company value.

  • Building Trust

    Because of highly competitive market, a customer must have trust in a company and its product. Business cards can bridge that trust deficit to some extent. While exchanging a card, personal greetings are also exchanged which helps in building a fair amount of trust.

    Importance of Business cards

    In this modern era, business cards seem to be redundant with the evolution of e-Commerce and different kinds of networking platforms online. Your personal information can be easily found online and emails make networking and communication a lot more efficient. However, business cards are still important in our everyday lives, especially in the business world. importance of business cards

    Here are some importance of business cards listed below:

  •  Direct Exchange of Contacts

    Exchanging business cards in person is one of the most straight and effective ways of preceding yourself to and presenting a conversation with people. Professionals are more likely to call you back for the way you give out your card and introduce yourself shows honesty.

  • Convenience

    Business cards are portable, especially when most people place your business cards in their business cardholders. The approachability and accessibility of reaching your contact information boost the prospect of you being contacted.

  • First Impression

    A business card is the representation of yourself and also of your company. Having a business card requires less explanation about basic information since all the required explanations are included on your business card. The design of a card also explains your personality indirectly. So, it is important to design a business card in such a way that it creates a great impact on the people.

  • Referral

    If your business card has an inventive and different design, then there may be a chance of people sharing your card to others. This further expands your market. If people are seeking for the same skills that you have and in the same field that you are interested in then there is a high chance of referral since they can share your information efficiently by your business cards.

  • Professionalism

    Having a business card also shows your professionalism. Having a card ready at events and meetings shows that you are a well prepared and concentrated business person. It shows that you are enthusiastic and fearless to show your name and brand name out there.