Business cards are one of the oldest methods used to get a company name into the hands of potential customers and business partners. Cards were originally used for social calls, but during the Industrial Revolution, became a mainstay for entrepreneurs as a means of marketing their businesses.

Networking plays a vital role in any business and unfortunately, whenever you meet someone new, you will be asked: “Do you have a business card?” Of course, the embarrassing thing happens when you have to answer no and look unprepared. If you are in any event or at a business conference where you could connect to future prospects or get recommendations, a business card is must to have.

Some of the tips to make business cards that stand out are listed below:

Include social media info

There is no doubt that social media has taken the world by storm of late and it is very important that you include each of the social media that you are part of. It also gives them a chance to see what you are like as a business person. If you are going to do this, it is essential that your social media channels are updated regularly.

Be smart with your color choice 

Colors of business card also have a great impact on people. So, while designing a business card, make sure that the color you have chosen doesn’t create improper vibes on people.


Define a purpose for your card

A business card should serve a purpose like brand awareness, sales or recruitment. Some of the business cards are designed as mini catalogs. Some of the business cards are also made as a notebook. There are even business cards that notebooks which means the receiver of the card are more likely to keep it and remember you when using it.

Maintain Simplicity

The trick to make the card designs attractive is by maintaining its simplicity so that everyone receiving the cards can easily know your personality and skills. If your card is so complex that receiver could not get what you are trying to deliver to them.

Map it out

If you want to go visual but aren’t quite sure how to consider putting in a map that either directs to your office or outlines your service area. A map helps to show the location of your office or your area. You can work with a designer to create a unique map design, or you can just put together something simple from the web. Whichever way you go, it’s a good visual reminder of where you’re at.

Don’t go detail

A receiver doesn’t need every piece of your contact information. So, include that information that could be needed to them. Including every piece of information in detail can reduce their interest in your business card. Make information short and attractive so that the interest of the receiver is maintained too.

Avoid common mistakes

Try to make business cards free of errors. Some common meshes must be evaded. It may result in some misalignment during the trimming of your card. So, make sure that your great design as your business card inspiration is free of errors.

Choose the right layout

A good layout is essential to creating a unique business card. The layout helps in picking the proper spacing and size so that you can set the crucial elements at the right place and the rest of them at one side. The layout decides to place the information in the right order.

Print in a professional way

If you are thinking of printing a designed business card at your own home in your way then think of printing it in any of the professional printing company because this helps to maintain the quality of the card and add some more designations to your card by their specialists.